The world of photography has changed enormously since the advent of digital imaging. Today, with the aid of computer software, there is no limit to the creative capability of the photographer. What an opportunity! All dedicated technicians strive for excellence and that is true of photographers. But, in only considering excellence as a destination, you will lose the satisfaction and enjoyment of the journey. This challenge, with its successes and failures, is the very soul of what we do.

So, ‘have a go!' Get involved! You will discover an art form that is emotionally and practically absorbing and challenging. It will keep you fit in mind and body.

"Life is never what we expect, but it is always well worth exploring"

My Work

Although I use several different types of digital camera including Astro and Drone to collect images that appeal to me, my final objective is to turn each photographic image into a ‘picture” that I hope appeals to people. I interpret the original photographic image with photographic and art software.

About me

After retiring from 45 years in the Aviation Industry, I went to night school for 2 years to learn the skills of photography. I had always been very interested in photography but never had enough time to develop this interest while I was at work. Initially, I joined a photographic club that was very helpful in steering me towards improving my work. The 5 years I was a member of the club were very eye opening. The club-experience encouraged me to venture out into commercial work through wedding and portrait photography. Today, I am retired from commercial photography but still welcome portrait commissions and landscape work. I really enjoy what I produce. I hope you do too!